domingo, 20 de maio de 2012


Catatonic. I could be seated on the bus forever. I needed to be in a place I had never been before. At that moment, I needed to feel what I had never felt in my whole life. I was catatonic and I was hungry. Hungry for anything really. I wanted to lay down on a new floor, not that the floor had to be new...It just needed to be a new place, anywhere. An old building would do. My body was craving new ideas, new sights, new smells!!! Suddenly, I needed to run. Run as fast as I could. I had plenty of energy just waiting to be drained off. Maybe it's time for a new interest.

I saw an interesting book at the bookstore was about philosophy. I could feel my eyes smiling at these pages, at these ideas. Old ideas. Ideas that made my brain go happy-crazy. I miss that in my life. Why have I abandoned feeling? Why can't old stimulus work anymore?

He laid beside me in bed, I had invited him in. We were face to face. Our bodies were not even an inch away from each other. The room was hot. Eyes. Lips. Lips. Eyes. Our eyes locked. He couldn't wait any longer. We kissed.

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Pedro Estellita Lins disse...

Traduz ae..

TM disse...

And what are the theachings of this book?

Cla452 disse...

TM disse...

Uma referência seca não vale! rs
Vc ainda não aprendeu que eu gosto de conhecer o desconhecido (desculpe pela redundância)pela sua visão? :)