terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012

#castle roundabout

Once upon a time there was this prince who had a way with words, he told great stories and made girls sigh. He had enormous fun with his glorious gift.

Being known was the treat of all and acumulating treasures made him live like a king with no need that could not be satisfied. Life was good, having all one could want.

Until that day. That day when he saw the most shining smile which made him forget everything he thought he knew about wanting and having.

This was different. Words weren't enough. Words could only paint incomprehensive pictures. Nothing more made sense. He went from smart to blind in a splitting second. He could not talk. He could not think straight. He could not see the truth.

Do you think it was love he found? That I don't know. The only think I do know is this: the pride got in the way. Before he could know, the pride got in the way.

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