domingo, 19 de junho de 2011


Reunião do que tenho pensado e falado de #castle lá no twitter.

17 May Finally some deeper level of humanity!

10 May Do few good moments make up for losing it´s essence?

3 May Merely pawns in a chess game. Do I like chess? Not really. There is no passion in hollow pawns.

12 April Who wants flowers, I want all those little muffins! lol

5 April Little sis said to me: “you smell like cherries” xD p.s. she doesn´t watch #castle

29 March Hmmm, now I feel like watching "Forbidden Planet".

22 March No #castle comment this week.

2 March My opinion about "Countdown" is not fair, cause I dislike action movies.

22 Feb Castle and Beckett are grounded: One week in the ice box!

15 Feb #castle is getting too dark and heavy...I miss the light humor.

8 Feb "Get out of the joint/for good behavior/dude called us up/said he needed a savior"

30 Jan Knockdown 4*: kiss (*), last scene (*), soundtrack (*), "Kate" & "Rick" (*).

4 Jan OMG! Castle voltou em grande estilo! =D "Her me not me me" lol

22 Dec 4 stars eps of #castle: 107, 204, 206, 210, 212, 213, 216, 222, 223.

7 Dec Piano man!

2 Dec 5 stars eps of #castle: 105, 106, 108, 110, 201, 205, 214, 224, 301.

28 Nov Considering all I actually had a nice time with #nakedheat

16 Nov Mixed feelings about #castle this week. US x China, no surprises there, China is the new Russia.

9 Nov Não sei se foi #Castle que mudou ou se fui eu, 3a. temporada começou bem, e agora afundou um pouco...

26 Out Weird coincidence: Virginia Woolf got a mention on 3xk and I´m just finishing reading “Night and Day”. Creepy.

26 Out Awwww! Cute ending =D

5 Oct I underestimated, "Under the Gun" was FUN!

5 Out Although I missed the usual killer soundtrack.

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