sábado, 21 de dezembro de 2013


Do it blindly. Go with what appears to you. The flow should not be stopped by our need for meaning. The logic should be put to sleep so we can take a risk. Jump when we are afraid the most, cross the line that limits our potencial self. Push the boundaries with no mercy. Forward we should always go. I'm up the cliff observing, with no question to be yelled. Don't resist, it will be worst, it will cause pain, unnecessary pain. We are so far behind in growth and enlightenment. We should destroy the illusion that keeps us from getting to the truth, just deal with the light of day, leave the cave that we hide ourselves. We should fly, just close our eyes. And take the journey that is the greatest adventure of all, with challenges – so we can learn to be brave, to get deep inside and find the hidden treasure that is the soul. The path of knowledge is long and rough and it leads to a place but not the place. There we can get today, by learning to be with our hearts every second of our life. We should plant seeds and not look back, seeing the results of our actions is not important, only the actions are. The faith is here.

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