domingo, 24 de novembro de 2013

Despertar I

It feels like coming out of this big and dark pond. Beyond the darkness, the light is comforting and warm. I see no violence and no disrespect for any beeing. It's another life, embraced, a new sight for the tired and lonely. It's a refresh start, full of excitement for knowledge. Another step away from the mess of what it was living. Another level of actions, another level of hope and dreams. The normal life seems too small for what is meant to achieve. It's such a great world to live in, to experience growth and change. The time of now is optimistic. I see how fast the time goes by and how much there is to learn and do and help and be helped. Touched by these amazing stories of enrichment of the soul. Out of the pond, the sky is beautiful and not blurry anymore. Let´s live the change. Let´s be a better world by being better people.

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